As far as imports are concerned, AOC International mainly focuses, for the French market, on wines from atypical countries, made from autochthonous grape varieties. Wines with different flavors and bouquets to surprise the French palates.

Curious and demanding, we have encountered great vineyards and great wines in all South East Europe.


We are proud to start with the introduction of a selection of Slovenian wines.


The first former Yugoslavian country to have joined the EU is also the first to be introduced to the French market.

Journey into the heart of the Slovenian vineyards

Wineyard in the Štajerska region
Wineyard in the Štajerska region

The Grape Varieties

They are named RANINA, REBULLA (Ribolla Gialla), SAUVIGNONASSE (also called Tocai Friulano), or VITOSKA. Unknown to a lot of western European Palates, especially French.


The white varieties

The Sauvignonasse. Formely cultivated in the Sauternes area, gives a wine quite rich in alcohol, with little acidity and wild flowers aromas.


The Rebula is quite an ancient grape variety. Cultivated since a long time in the Italian Frioul, but also, quite curiously, in the United States. Rebula produces a straw yellow wine with glints of green, rich in alcohol, with, usually a very good acidity. In Slovenia, they produce a sweet wine (grapes are dried on racks) called Slamno Vino. With aromas of citrus, cedar, spices, melon, hazelnuts. Peach, apple and floral notes.


The red varieties.

Slovenia being rather a producer and a consumer of white wines, there are few autochthonous red varieties. Except the REFOSCO, specialty of SANTOMAS Winery and the TERAN.


Our selected Slovenian Wineries

ČotarKabajSantomasŠčurekSimčič – Steyer

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Next discoveries: Croatian, Serbian, Slovakian vineyards


AOC International will soon also offer the French market typical and genuine Gastronomy from the Balkan countries. Always with the same perspective of appealing to and surprising the most demanding of the French palates.